About an hour but don’t worry, there won’t be a timer running! I want to make sure that we are all happy so it may run a bit longer, or you are getting tired, we may have to adjust for that as well. We want to make sure we capture the best lighting to illuminate your beautiful skin so that will also be a factor when it comes to time.
We will discuss and come up with a place that works best for us. I generally favor places close to the city but various factors impact the location. Traffic, lighting, and busyness are some of the things we need to take into consideration.
I actually like doing sessions on weekday evenings so that you are as free as a bird on your weekends! And there are less crowds to avoid out and about. This is not a steadfast rule but something to consider.
My goal is to make your session as fun and playful as possible! To keep you moving and engaged. It's common to feel awkward at the start since photography poses are weird and super not normal for you to do in your day-to-day life. The less modeling experience the better! I'll provide prompts and guidance to make this an enjoyable experience for all of us. Just go with it and flaunt what you got!
Welcome to the club! I know I have a boatload of insecurities. If there is something specific you are uncomfortable with being photographed just let me know. We're all human and different, and that makes us beautiful but I totally get it. I want you to cherish and share these images forever so speak up and we'll manage together! 
  • Pick out and iron your outfit ahead of time. Remember not matchy matchy, just complementary.
  • Check directions and traffic so you know where to go and will arrive on time.
  • Floss!
  • Have a cheeky drink if you'd like!
    • But only one - too much can alter the color of your skin and I want you looking your absolute best!
You’ll want to make sure that you are at ease in your clothing and that they are weather appropriate to keep you as cozy as possible. Be mindful of the season and dress as you see fit. Chunky scarves in summer are not recommended although super cute! Keep in mind that there may be some light trekking to find a great location, so clean, dry socks for the drive home might be lovely.
I do not recommend that everyone match their clothing; however, complementing is a great idea.
I generally would steer away from props since they can distract from the main subject of the photo - YOU. If something is important for you to include, make sure you give me a heads up on the contact form or via email so I can plan accordingly. And make sure it's clean!
Since weather can be unpredictable in the Pacific Northwest, a cute umbrella and blanket may quickly turn into a necessity, so feel free to bring those – the more timeless the better (we don’t want it to look out of style next year)!
Remember the goal with our time together is to capture how you naturally are rather than to pose you stiffly while smiling at the camera – don’t get me wrong, those can turn out great too but I’m way fonder of the impromptu ‘in-between’ moments.
You may be thinking, “how the heck am I supposed to act naturally in front of a stranger with a camera in my face?!” The key is to just go with it and do what feels right. I don’t like to overly direct but I will give guidance and prompts in order to get the best out of each session.

I love ideas that spark my creativity and I love even more having an insight to your likes. Ultimately, no guarantees are made that all requests will be fulfilled due to time limit, location constraints, and potential oblivious photo-bombing bystanders. If you have some ideas, please email screenshots or links or better yet, include them when you submit your contact form!
Remember that your session is scheduled according to light and therefore it’s important to start on time so please keep that in mind when it comes to traffic and parking. I’ve scheduled our shoot to allow for plenty of time before it gets dark.
You can expect to receive an invoice just before our session. I can take cash, venmo, or check (made out to Kayleigh King).
You betcha.
As much as I wish that wasn't necessary, canceling last minute creates a strain on me and my schedule. It devalues my time and especially as someone who works a full time job during the week, I have very little extra time on my hands. Specifics will be discussed at time of booking.
After our session, I expect to have your photos completed and uploaded to an online gallery within 4 weeks. The site will allow you to favorite, share, and download the digital files and from there you can turn them into anything you like – books, puzzles, mugs, coasters – the possibilities are exciting and endless!
I will retain the rights to the photos and they may be used in future marketing or promotional materials. Creating a Favorites album in your online gallery will give me excellent insight as to which images you are most comfortable being shared.
I would love to have a phone chat prior to our first meeting if possible to make sure we are on the same page. Other than that, emails are great but texting is even better! Once we are locked in, I will provide my phone number so if any questions or concerns arise we can stay in touch.